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International Business Management Vindazo – Online Solutions Group

Immerse yourself in the world of international business that is ready for the global market
Benefit from international classrooms, cross-cultural training can help you expand your global influence
Embrace business sustainability to meet global social and environmental challenges
Develop your research and analysis skills. Identify opportunities, respond to changes, and evaluate risk factors. In practice too
Demonstrate your adaptability at work through a three-month internship in an international company
Complete your international experience through optional foreign study exchanges

Business management will receive a new : International Business Management-Specialized Global Business.

A dynamic course that immerses you in international business and global supply chain
Develop the skills to operate in this agile business sector-to maintain the flow of goods and meet customer needs in the post-pandemic world
Understand how to promote the sustainable development of the supply chain-make it more environmentally friendly and more efficient
Benefit from practical learning in Antwerp second largest port and logistics hub
Network! Let us introduce you to the industry connections we have established over the past 15 years
A three-month like international internship in a logistics company to prepare for the job video content is very useful

A creative practice plan for emerging entrepreneurs who are ready to start business in the international market
Hone your business acumen, master the key principles of international business, and build an agile and viable enterprise
A 10-week internship in a budding company to gain a 360-degree perspective of entrepreneurial life
Immerse yourself in thoughts. Benefit from practical learning in Antwerp-an innovation and entrepreneurship center for like-minded entrepreneurs

Leverage the expertise of the Flemish Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency and our Entrepreneur Center
Be your own boss. Transform your concept into a startup during the final year of internship





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