NBA 2K17 basic tips for new players

Character creation. Don’t rush through character creation process as hasty choices can ruin MyCareer experience. Decide beforehand how would you like to play the game. Go through all character creation choices and see which one fits the mental image of your dream player. Position and archetype selections determines MyPlayer’s role in a team. Options like height, weight, wingspan, shoulder width and handed are not just for cosmetic customization. It’s advised to tweak with these stats to see how they influence performance attributes like speed with ball, steal, block and so on. Make sure to enhance attributes according to chosen position and archetype.

Orange Juice. This is how the duo MyPlayer/Justice Young is known in game and reflects their chemistry. When taking part in NBA 2K17 MyCareer games, players will control both characters. They can play with MyPlayer while guiding Justice Young with instructions. It even possible to take control of Justice and play with him. Players are advised to learn the dual player controls so they can take full advantage of the Orange Juice feature. Both MyPlayer’s and Justice’s game performance can be greatly increased if players know how to properly control them. Dual control is a locked feature. Players earn it when MyPlayer becomes friends with Young. Their relationship progresses throughout MyCareer journey.

Badges. Don’t forget to work towards badge completion. These badges unlock various perks that impact and improve on and off court MyPlayer’s behavior. There are skill and personality badges. Some personality badges don’t impact gameplay but they’re a nice addition for those who want to spice up MyPlayer’s personality. Archetype unique badges are hard to obtain but they’re totally worth it.

Earn VC. NBA 2K17 virtual currency is acquired when MyPlayer completes certain activities. It’s an important part of the game because players spend VC to improve and upgrade MyPlayer. Virtual currency is obtained as reward for taking part in a game. MyPlayer wins VC for endorsements. New players are advised to attend all of these events. Virtual currency is shared across all NBA 2K17 modes.