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Order custom valves for cryogenic applications from a specialist

If you are looking for a specific valve conform for your specifications to finish a project, Red Point can help you out. Avoid costly down time or penalties during your project due to missing that specific valve. They make it for you exactly how you want to! Especially when your standard supplier is not able to arrange a valve for you, because they do not have it in stock, Red Point is able start up or finish the project.

A true specialist in the field

This company knows exactly how to develop a valve for you according your specifications. Red Point was founded in 1987 and is nowadays a true specialist in the field. They design, manufacture and supply valves in special materials, such as Titanium and Nickel alloys, (Super) Duplex and corrosion resistant alloys. They find suitable solutions for specific demands, special circumstances, extra-ordinary applications, hard to obtain products and short delivery times. When it comes to valve types, their production range cover Double Block & Bleed, Gate, Check, Ball, Globe and special valves on customer specification.

Cryogenic valves for your application

In many cryogenic valves applications, liquefied gases, such as liquid nitrogen and liquid helium, are used. The most commonly used element in cryogenics is liquid nitrogen which is purchasable around the world. Red Point has cryogenic valves which are designed in accordance to industrial standards like BS6364, MSS SP-134 and ISO28921-1. The alloys consider temperatures below minus 20°C (4°F). besides that, they go less than minus 73°C (100°F).

Order custom valves for cryogenic applications

Do you need custom valves for cryogenic applications? They are happy to help you. If you are looking for a specific valve conform your specifications, contact their sales department or request a quote. Get in touch and they design, engineer and produce your tailor-made cryogenic valves for you.

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