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The best Amsterdam Light Festival canal cruise

Winter is just around the corner and in addition to the offers on thousands of delicious chocolates, the nice exchange of presents and the great Christmas atmosphere, people are also looking forward to the annual Amsterdam Light Festival. There is an extra special way to experience this from a sloop. Will you also come and enjoy the Amsterdam Light Festival from the open boats of Floating Amsterdam between December 1, 2022 and January 22, 2023? Read more about this cruise.

As is well known, Amsterdam is a magical place to be in December. The name speaks for itself, and the lights of the artworks are dazzlingly beautiful, especially in the evening. This will be the 11th edition with the theme ‘Imagine Beyond’. The Amsterdam Light Festival has already had more than five million visitors who have enjoyed the hundreds of installations, light and artworks by national and international artists, designers and architects.

A well-organized boat trip
Of course you can also walk or cycle on the walking route to see parts of the Amsterdam Light Festival. But with the friendly guides who are present on every Floating Amsterdam cruise, you are guaranteed to get the best out of this light show.

Floating Amsterdam customers who have been visiting the Amsterdam Light Festival for years have said themselves that without a guide they are prone to reading the information boards that accompany each installation and often get lost. Getting lost because they suddenly had too much information. They said the show was much more interesting with the skippers providing information and stories about each artwork in an engaging way.

The canal route through Amsterdam’s canals consists of hundreds of displays plus countless smaller pieces that line the canals. They all bring this year’s theme to life. So you sail through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam and you view the light artworks from a different angle and also get the necessary information about them. How much more organized can a boat trip be? With the fixed sailing route and an experienced guide, this cruise is great for adults and children alike.

A great service
There are also plush pillows and warm blankets on the boat so you can sit really comfortably with friends, family and fellow passengers while admiring the lights of the city. It is an open sloop, but in case of a thunderstorm you don’t have to worry at all, because each boat has a top cover and transparent covers on the sides so you can still see everything around you. Besides the skipper with exciting stories, the maximum capacity of 25 people and the comfortable seat, Floating Amsterdam offers a great food and drink menu. From the moment of reservation until the day of the Amsterdam Light Festival, the available menu will be presented to you. Don’t forget the popular delicious hot chocolate that goes great with the winter atmosphere on the boat!

It is also possible to furnish the sloop to your own wishes and own consumption is allowed. This is great because sometimes you may not like anything from a menu, so your own homemade snacks and the traditional included chocolate milk make for the ultimate experience. Are you getting your tickets today? Click here to order them.