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What is a mezzanine floor?

If you’re looking for a solution for storage shortage in your warehouse, it’s very likely that you’ve already heard about mezzanine floors. They seem like the perfect solution, but it’s also not incredibly clear what it exactly is that they do. In this blog, we’ll give some more clarity about this, by explaining everything you need to know about them!

The perfect solution for storage shortage

When you’re dealing with storage shortage, you want to fix this as soon as possible. But, that’s hard: you can’t create space out of nothing. Well, technically you can! A mezzanine floor allows you to create an extra floor, that you install in between your already existing floors. The mezzanine floors are steady, and can carry up to 3500 kg per square meter. This makes it a perfect place for storage!

Construction kit

A big advantage of the mezzanine floor is that this is delivered as a construction kit. This means you have total control over when you want to use it. Around Christmas, many companies are dealing with many extra orders, that ask for extra storage. As soon as this period is over, this extra storage is no longer needed. When using a mezzanine floor, you can return the space you used to install this, however you were originally using it. 

Ordering a mezzanine floor as a construction kit also means you can install this yourself. They come with very clear instructions, that make it possible for everyone to fulfill this job. However, if you prefer security for your floors, it is possible to order your floor with a mechanic. This mechanic will help you to install the floor, but also to break it down once you’re no longer using it.

Nolte Mezzanine

Now that you know what a mezzanine floor is, it’s time to introduce you to a specialist when it comes to creating and installing this. At Nolte Mezzanine, you can order a mezzanine floor in any shape. They custom make their floors, which means you’re guaranteed of an extra floor that fits flawlessly into your warehouse. Take a look at their website and find it yourself!