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You Should Experience Verona At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here’s Why

Verona is a north Italian gem brimming with historical monuments and countless ancient buildings, and awe-inspiring architecture. Here are a few things you can do while wandering the streets of Verona.

1.      Admire architecture

Verona is plush with architectural wonders that will leave you dumbfounded. The famous Arena di Verona is an immense colosseum showcasing Roman engineering. It is humongous and contains its original seating and exterior arches. You can walk in and around in the Arena and enjoy concerts and musical shows that are still held here. The Castle Vecchio is another building that will catch your attention. The front gates are quite dramatic and feature a series of crenulated battlements and two guard towers. Arco Dei Gavi is right next to Castle Vecchio and looks stunningly beautiful at night when it is all lit up. Another ‘swing by’ spots in the city is the Scaliger Tombs. They are one of the finest displays of gothic architecture in the city and definitely deserve a visit. You can also go and visit Juliet’s and Romeo’s houses and get those old-time romantic vibes.

2.      Ascend the Torre dei Lamberti

The Torre dei Lamberti is the tallest tower in Verona. It stands 84 meters high and offers the best panoramic view of the city. The tower is crowned with an octagonal dome containing a series of marble arches. You can climb the 368 steps or take the elevator to get on top of the world, pun intended.

3.       Visit the churches

Verona has a lot of churches for you to visit and be mesmerized by their sheer beauty. Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore is one of the most important religious and architectural buildings in the city. It was the fictional place of the marriage of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The front façade has a large central circular window and a beautiful ornate wooden door, and the ceiling has a series of decorative tile-work, which is beautiful. Verona cathedral is a grander, larger, and more decorative church. The exterior is marvelous and has some fantastic artwork and stained windows. The interior is opulent and seamlessly decorated. The Basilica of St.Anatasia is a 13th-century gothic church featuring famous frescoes and a stunning interior.

4.      Explore Lake Garda

Being one of the largest lakes in Italy, Lake Garda is a popular holiday location due to the beautiful scenery and ample attractions available. A day trip to Lake Garda is a must-to-do during your time in Verona.


Having a vehicle is the best way to scrounge the hidden gems in Verona. Driving through the streets of Italy is one of the most romantic aspects of a trip. Verona has many destinations that are highly accessible via a car and therefore renting a car while your stay in Verona is a smart choice. got more info about ca rental: Circonvallazione Alfredo Oriani and Viale Del Lavoro are the two main routes that drivers should skirt around during rush hours. You can pick up your rental car from anywhere. However, off-airport rental car locations in Verona are cheaper than on-airport car rentals. The historic center of Verona is a restricted traffic zone. It means only vehicles with a permit can enter, and there is a fine for entering without a permit. Driving is an amazing way to explore all the attractions of Verona, so rent a car and enjoy Verona thoroughly!