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Attribution modelling is an essential tool for understanding…

…how well a marketing campaign is doing.


There are a few different click attribution models out there, the most common being the first-click model and last-touch model. You can also have a linear attribution model, which will assign different values based on the type of transaction and channels involved.


Hey, guess what? The first touchpoint in the customer journey is worth it all. First-click attribution is an attribution model that always credits 100% of an online transaction to the website that a person clicked on first. It’s important to know that a touchpoint refers to a traffic source like “direct,” “display,” or “organic search.”


The first-click attribution model is important because it’s a single-touch model that takes into account just one touchpoint. What makes this model special is that it focuses on the last touchpoint and excludes all other touchpoints in matters of attribution. Despite Google Analytics, the last-click attribution model remains more popular than the first-click model. The single-touch attribution model is one of the most popular. It is regarded as a better option than the first-click attribution model, and it is used more often than that method. This is because of Google Analytics, and the last-click attribution model. First-click attribution is a search engine marketing attribution model that awards 100% of credit for any click to the first website that the customer visits. This model is most commonly used in the context of online marketing and ecommerce. Multi-touch attribution, on the other hand, credits all touchpoints in a customer journey. When it comes to multi touch attribution, Salesforce and Google both offer possibilities in their respective solutions. 


First-click attribution, a single-touch model, is regarded as inferior to last-click attribution, the more popular option. One singular touchpoint is what makes first-touch attribution inferior to last-click attribution. Google Analytics is one of the reasons why last-click attribution is practiced significantly more than first-click attribution. First-click attribution is a popular single-touch attribution model. The focus is on a single touchpoint and excluding other factors in assigning blame. The last-click attribution model has been proven to be more accurate, and it is practiced more than the first-click attribution model.