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FIFA 21: Showdown Cards Return To FIFA Ultimate Team

Showdown matches are back in FIFA Ultimate Team with the reward of the already recognized Showdown cards. These cards made their debut in FIFA 20 and were well received by users as they gave an interesting added component to the gameplay of this game mode.

The Showdown cards appeared in the middle of the pandemic during 2020, being one of the main novelties of Summer Heat in FIFA 20. Most likely, these cards will also be released for a limited time in FIFA 21, although EA has not said anything about it yet.

But what are Showdown cards?

Showdown cards are special cards received by one player from each of the clubs that face each other in the featured match of the FUT day. For example, if the game of the week is Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao, EA chooses a player from each team and draws a Showdown card.

These Showdown cards receive an upgrade over their base card, making them better than all of that player’s gold versions. Of course, the improvements are random and have nothing to do with the performance of the player in the game.

However, that’s what makes Showdown cards interesting. For example, slow players can dramatically increase their pace attributes and become a good piece for your team. Or some defender can raise his defense points even higher and become an unbreakable wall.

For this reason, these cards may appear in the transfer market with a high price. The best option to acquire them is to buy cheap FIFA Coins online, so you will not need to play for a long time to collect the necessary money.

What changed in FIFA 21?

The Showdown card of the player of the winning team will receive a boost of +2 points, while the card of the loser team will not receive any upgrade. The winner’s boost was +3 points in FIFA 20 but EA decided to reduce it this time. In the case of a tie, both players will receive a +1 boost.

These cards are obtained through the SBC and is the only way to obtain them by now. At the moment, you can still do this challenge twice and win the cards of both players with their boosts to the maximum, although we do not know if this will stay that way in the future.

At the moment, we don’t know until what day these cards will be available and if they will continue to appear in the game permanently. However, EA’s policies are based on varying content and will probably only be available for a few weeks, then they will move on to other content.

The first FUT 21 Showdown cards are Francis Coquelin of Villarreal and Marcos Acuña of Sevilla F.C. We recommend you keep an eye on them in case they can help you to improve your team in defense or in the middle of the field.

FIFA 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.