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Madden NFL 21: Title Update Discussion

The update released on December 17 for current gen (Xbox One, PS4, PC) as well as next gen platforms (Xbox Series X|S & PS5). The update fixed general stability issues on current and next gen consoles. Concerning Face of the Franchise mode, the patch brought general stability improvements to the game. It also fixed an issue that prevented players, who changed their position to wide receiver – Physical, Slot, and Route Runner, from having their selected archetype to carry over to the NFL. Additionally, the Playoff Bracket UI now lists the higher seeded team at the top of the list. Moreover, in Madden Ultimate Team for current gen, Solo Battles losses now track properly.

As you can see, this title update did little more than addressing stability and performance issues. Even the changes to the Franchise mode are anecdotal to say the least. This has prompted outraged reactions from players in the community. According to content creator LG PROBLEM @ProblemWright on Twitter “Playing Madden is starting to feel like work. Not good. Game is bad plus we can’t play without the actual game crashing. No way this is Next Gen. This shit didnt happen on PS2. Make it make sense.” Other players and content creators have decided to boycott the next gen version of the game.

Youtuber MMG for example has stated that he would no longer be playing on next gen platforms after he tried tested the game on next gen. What is strange is that several players in the community had reported critical bugs and crashes on next gen consoles before the release of the patch. EA is preparing for the next big Franchise update and it seems like a bad move to anger next gen players before the release of this update. The following day will tell us if EA has an appropriate response to the next gen issues. You can buy Madden coins at the best prices on MUTeamGo to build your ultimate team.