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NBA 2K21: Facundo Campazzo

Facundo Campazzo generated a revolution since his arrival in Denver. Not only because he was fulfilling his dream of playing in the NBA, according to him, but also because of the appreciation of his own teammates, who quickly dubbed him “Spider-Man” and who rave about him. As if all that were not enough, while he waits to make his official debut in the season (tonight against the Sacramento Kings) a new fact occurred that will make everyone happy: his official inclusion in NBA 2K21.

There were not a few fans that entered the game every day expecting to see it on the team, so when the update patch was finally released, social networks were full of screenshots and messages about it. Some of them shared a close-up of their virtual avatar, saying that it was far from alike, others only showed happiness and welcomed it, while the vast majority of the public was concerned about the general assessment and the statistics they had been awarded.

Facu is classified as a “Base passer” and his ability to organize play (A-) and his ability for triples (B) stand out. The controversy goes through his general average, which is 73 points, although it must be said that it is not very below that of his teammates and that it is more than acceptable, taking into account that he is a “rookie”

Facundo Campazzo is not the only Argentinean to be found in the game, two players are part of historical teams and another that does so as a free agent.

The first of them is, how could it be otherwise, Manu Ginobili. The Bahiense has three different versions available, one for the historic San Antonio Spurs team (90 average valuation) and another for the squads of the 04/05 (87) and 13/14 (83) seasons.

The next to be found is Luis Scola. Luifa is part of the Houston Rockets squads for the 07/08 season and the Indiana Pacers for the 13/14. In the first of them it reaches 78 points and in the second 73.

Finally, we can also find Leandro Bolmaro, who currently works for Barcelona, but who belongs to the Sacramento Kings. He is listed as a free agent in the game and has an overall rating of 71 points.

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